January 2020


January 24th

So I just found out I can respond to comments in the guestbook. Awkward.

I'm three Kirin Strongs into the night and I'm getting increasingly drunk and depressed. I'm just gonna rant for a bit. FUck all yall racist ass Japanese folks. Like, fuck man, I'm just asking for some directions. Like, I get it, my Nihongo ain't so bingo bongo but at least acknowledge my existence lmao. Thank you, Mr. Nigerian man in Roppongi who didn't immediately try to sell me cocaine for helping me find the best route home. Fuck man.

January 19th

Started testing a mobile version of the site, all hail the media tag (both HTML and CSS).

My best friend of five years just moved out of town. I'm sad, but not too sad. I mean, it's not like we ain't gonna see each other again. The whole original Degenerate Squad is all broken up now, but give us time, we will come back. Like festering cancer. Or hemmorhoids.

January 10th

Holy shit, modals.

It took a bit of tinkering (okay, a lot of tinkering), but I was able to remove all local javascript stuff thanks to the beautifully annoying bullshit known as modals. And honestly, it's beautiful. It's copy-pastable. And it's safer. Suck it, random g/u/rl on /u/.

Friendship ended with Javascript, modals are my new best friend.

January 4th

Finally got this microblogging thing going. Nothing fancy, just html pages, no weird scripts here.

So I guess I just lay out what's been goin on round here, ya? Well for starters I moved to Japan. I've lived here before (about three years actually) and I'm pretty excited to be back. Forgot how much I missed Coco's curry. To a national it's just some shitty fast food curry, but fuck me I fuckin love the stuff. Also MAN my Japanese is rusty, gonna start practicing again.

My favorite high social energy bar in Tokyo is the 300 Bar in Ginza. As the name implies, all drinks are 300 yen (like 3 bucks lol) and it's cramped as hell so you're pretty much forced to talk to folks. I have some great pictures with random drunk salarymen lol.