Howdy - I'm Cato. I typically go by Kryptonaut around the 'net. I'm a 28 year old STEM student currently finishing up my Linux & Windows Systems Administration AS. I plan to pursue a degree and career in Maritime Engineering, specifically something involving networking infrastructure onboard merchant and naval vessels.

I am a man of many hobbies, including (but certainly not limited to) markup and graphic design, theology research, altnets, and achievement hunting.

You can follow me on the fediverse if you'd like, though it is rather sparse for now as I figure out the Firefish software, or on Neocities. I also lurk on Twitter and TrueAchievements.

What happened to the original Krypt? It's been months!

It's not completely dead. My original "KryptOS" project has become an absolute mess that is frankly rather hard for me to get around to patching together.

With transitioning out of the military, college, job hunting, and life getting in the way, plus a healthy dose of raw imposter syndrome, my motivation to complete the slew of projects all under the "Project K" moniker is waning.

All this work and nary a portfolio to show for it. It just... it is in progress, albeit slowly.