Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei Translation Project

Translation by @Kryptonaut

Original story by 西谷 史「 NISHITANI, AYA 」

Original art by 北爪 宏幸「 KITAZUME, HIROYUKI 」

Volume 1: 女神転生 Megami Tensei (Goddess Reincarnation)

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part 1

Page 14

 Our story unfolds eighteen years ago, in an era where personal computing was a common sight, though the term 'internet' had yet to enter the public lexicon. Within a suburb of Tokyo known as Kunitachi, there stood a private high school named 'Juusei Gakuen', or 'Ten Saints Academy'. Our stage set, the curtains part on one particular day, with a palpable atmosphere of impatience for classes to end...
 "Are you the one called Nakajima?" an imposing figure barked as he crossed the classroom. The loud student strode up and slammed his fist on the desk of a strikingly handsome student, Akemi Nakajima. "Yes? That's me, but..." Willing himself to calm his nerves and play it cool, Nakajima stood up and confidently met the gaze of today's adversary.
 The student towering over him was Hiroyuki Kondo, the esteemed captain of the Karate club, and an infamous figure of authority within the halls of Ten Saints Academy. He had a reputation for having a short fuse and a penchant for violence; such that several students had been 'compelled' to transfer schools due to his reprisals upon those who dared to defy him.

  1. いまから十八年前。
  2. 人々はまだインターネットの存在すら知らず、パソコンはスタンドアロンで使うのが常識と思われていた時代のことである。
  3. 東京郊外の国立という街に、十聖学園という私立の高校があった。
  4. その日、授業が終わるのを待ちかねたように、長身できたところから、すべてわ始まった。
  5. 「中島ってのは、お前か?」
  6. 長身の生徒は、クラスの中でも一際目立つ中島朱実という美少年の席につかつかと歩み寄ると、脅すように机をたたいた。
  7. 「そうだけど……」
  8. 身代の震えを懸命にこらえると、中島は毅然として立ちあがり、相手の視線を受けとめた。
  9. 彼は近藤弘之という空手部の主将で、この十聖高校のボス的な存在である。
  10. 彼に逆らったばかりに、暴力的な手段で転校を余儀なくされた生徒が何人もいる。


  1. Eighteen years ago now.
  2. It was a time when people did not even know the Internet existed yet, and it was considered common practice to use personal computers as stand-alone devices.
  3. In a town called Kunitachi in the suburbs of Tokyo, there was a private high school called Juusei Gakuen.
  4. On that day, as if they couldn't wait for class to end, with the tallest of the tall, it all began.
  5. "Are you the one called Nakajima?"
  6. A tall student strode up to the seat of a beautiful boy named Akemi Nakajima, who stood out from the rest of the class, and slammed the desk threateningly.
  7. "Yeah, that's right, but ......."
  8. Trying hard to stifle a nervous tremor, Nakajima stood up resolutely and met his opponent's gaze.
  9. He is Hiroyuki Kondo, the head of the karate club and the boss of this Juusei High School.
  10. Several students have been forced to change schools through violent means because they disobeyed him.


Eighteen years ago, in an era when the term "Internet" was yet unknown and personal computers were typically used as standalone devices, our narrative unfolds. In a suburb of Tokyo known as Kunitachi, there stood a private high school named Juusei Gakuen, or Ten Saints Academy. On a particular day, as the impatience for the class to end was palpable, the stage was set. "Are you the one called Nakajima?" an imposing figure questioned as he approached a notably handsome student, Akemi Nakajima, and slammed his fist onto the desk with a threatening aura. "Yes, that's me, but..." Nakajima, trying hard to mask his nervous tremor, stood up resolutely and met the gaze of his adversary. The towering student was Hiroyuki Kondo, the esteemed captain of the Karate club, and a figure of authority in Ten Saints Academy. His reputation was such that several students had been compelled to transfer schools due to his violent reprimands upon those who dared to defy him.

Page 15

 Reflecting, Nakajima couldn't recall ever associating with Kondo nor any reason why he should be the target of his wrath. What the hell did I do? He thought, suddenly conscious of his dry lips and swallowing loudly. He heard a quiet snickering from behind him.
 Turning towards the source, his gaze met a pair of catlike eyes, alluring yet filled with malice. Staring back at him was a girl with a mysterious charm unbefitting of a high school student, fellow classmate Kyoko Takamizawa. As soon as their eyes met, Nakajima understood. "W-wait a minute—!"
 Before he could react, a large fist slammed into his solar plexus, silencing his pitiful protest. Nakajima folded to the floor. Two more shots — a cruel kick to his gut, then another to his chest, enough to inflict pain while leaving him conscious.
 As the scene unfolded, the last few students heading home tried to slink quietly out the door, lest they get noticed. "...hear me out, will ya..." Nakajima coughed hopelessly, tears and saliva dripping down his face onto the floor, but he was cut off by a sudden taste of the sole of Kondo's shoe. "No excuses," Kondo spat, "that should teach you what happens when you mess with Kyoko." Kondo sneered as he kicked Nakajima's back, watching his pitiful wriggling on the floor.

  1. だが中島は、いままで近藤とかかわりを持ったことは一度もなかったし、彼の怒りをかうような覚えもなかった。
  2. (いったいぼくが、なにをしたというんだ?)
  3. 中島を呑み込み、乾ききった唇を開こうとした。
  4. そのとき背後で含み笑いが聞こえた。
  5. 振り向くと、高校生とは思えないほど妖しい色香のある女生徒が、猫のように魅力的な、そし悪意をこめた目で中島を見つめている。
  6. 同じクラスの高見沢京子である。
  7. そのとき、中島はすべてを理解した。
  8. 「待ってくれ!」
  9. 声をあげた瞬間、みぞおちに拳がめりこんだ。
  10. 悲鳴をあげることさえできず、両手を床についてうずくまった中島に、近藤はローキックをあびせた。
  11. 下腹と胸に二発ずつ。
  12. ダメージを与えながらも、気を失わせることのないように手加減した蹴りだ。
  13. 級友たちは、 かかわりになるのを恐れるように、一人二人と教室の外へ出ていく。
  14. 「ぼくの話を聞け・・・・・」
  15. 懸命に抗弁しようとした口へ靴の先がねじこまれ、涙と唾液がいっしょになって床にしたたり落ちた。
  16. 「言い訳なんざ、聞きたくネエんだよ。
  17. 京子に手出したらどうなるか、教えてやんなきゃなあ」
  18. 近藤は中島の背中を蹴って、床に這いつくばらせた。


  1. Nakajima, however, had never had anything to do with Kondo and had no recollection of incurring his wrath.
  2. (What the hell did I do?)
  3. Nakajima swallowed and tried to open his dry lips.
  4. At that moment, I heard a chuckle behind me.
  5. I turn around to see a female student with a mysterious charm that is hard to believe she is a high school student, staring at Nakajima with eyes that are as alluring as a cat's, and filled with malice.
  6. She is Kyoko Takamizawa, in the same class.
  7. At that moment, Nakajima understood everything.
  8. "Wait a minute!"
  9. The moment I raised my voice, a fist dug into my solar plexus.
  10. Unable to even scream, Nakajima cowered on the floor with his hands on the floor, and Kondo landed a low kick on him.
  11. Two shots each to the lower abdomen and chest.
  12. It's a kick that does damage, but is tempered so as not to knock you out.
  13. One by one, the classmates filed out of the classroom, as if afraid to be noticed.
  14. "Listen to me..."
  15. As I tried to defend myself, the tip of a shoe was jammed into my mouth, causing tears and saliva to trickle down to the floor.
  16. "I don't want to hear your excuses.
  17. I'll have to teach you what happens if you mess with Kyoko."
  18. Kondo kicked Nakajima in the back and made him crawl on the floor.


However, Nakajima had never had any encounters with Kondo before, nor did he recall doing anything to incur his wrath. (What on earth did I do?) He swallowed, trying to moisten his dry lips but was interrupted by a snicker from behind. He turned around to find a female student, Kyoko Takamizawa from his class, staring at him with cat-like eyes filled with allure and malice. She possessed a mysterious charm, almost too enchanting for a high school student. At that moment, everything clicked for Nakajima. "Wait a minute!" Before he could utter another word, a fist planted itself in his solar plexus. Unable to even scream, Nakajima bent over, hands on the floor. Kondo didn’t waste a moment, delivering a low kick to Nakajima’s side. Two shots — one to the lower abdomen, one to the chest, all controlled to inflict pain without knocking him unconscious. As the scene unfolded, one by one, their classmates slipped out of the classroom, fearful of getting involved. "Hear me out..." Nakajima tried to speak, but a shoe jammed into his mouth, mixing tears with saliva on the floor. "I don't want to hear excuses. I’ll show you what happens when you mess with Kyoko," Kondo sneered as he kicked Nakajima's back, forcing him to crawl on the floor.

Page 16

 Kyoko, who had been idly watching Nakajima's torment with amusement, crouched low and casually flicked his his upper lip. "Such a feminine face for a man who tried so hard to steal my lips," she sneered. "That's... a lie..." Nakajima gasped. It was the complete opposite of the truth, in fact. It was Kyoko who had tried sneak a kiss from him, but Nakajima deftly dodged her advances. Her pride hurt, Kyoko sought revenge by turning her affections towards Kondo, whom she knew was crazy about her. Unfortunately, none of his friends in class who witnessed the spectacle seemed willing to testify for Nakajima. Nakajima's gaze wandered until he spotted fellow classmate Kenichi Takai wearing an uneasy expression behind his thick-rimmed glasses. His anxious eyes looked trapped, flitting back and forth between Nakajima and the door.
 Kondo effortlessly lifted Nakajima's bruised body with his left hand and drove the right deep into his solar plexus. Nakajima tried to cry out from the pain, but his diaphragm was in such a shock that breathing seemed impossible, allowing only a feeble moan to escape his lips.
 For Nakajima, a man who usually kept to himself, neither one to inflict pain nor receive it, this was the first time he'd ever been beaten so badly. Rather, being assaulted like this was a brand new, painful experience for him. All this spawned from the cursed machinations of a woman that he had rejected. As pain, anger, and humiliation surged through him, the unseen wounds in his heart bled profusely.

  1. するとそれまで彼がいたぶられるのを面白そうに眺めていた京子が、しゃがみこんで彼の上唇を指ではじいた。
  2. 「こいつ女みたいな顔してるくせに、いっちょまえにキスしようとしたんだから」
  3. 「嘘だ……」
  4. 事実、キスしようとしたのは京子のほうで、中島はそれを撥ねつけただけである。
  5. プライドを傷つけられた京子は、自分に首ったけの近藤をたきつけて、復讐をはかったというわけだ。
  6. だが、中島のためにそれを証言してくれる友達は一人もいなかった。
  7. 黒縁眼鏡をかけた高井健一という級友だけは、どうしていいかわからないといった顔で、心配 そうに中島を見つめているが、近藤をとめるだけの勇気は持ち合わせていないようである。
  8. 近藤は左手だけで軽々と中島を引きずり起こすと、みぞおちにまた拳を打ち込んだ。
  9. 内臓をえぐるような痛みに、中島は悲鳴をあげようとした。
  10. だが横隔膜がしびれて、空気を吸い込むことも、吐き出すこともできず、傷ついた唇からは、かすかなうめき声がもれただけであった。
  11. だれかを傷つけることも、また傷つけられることも好まずに、わが道をいくという生き方をし てきた中島にとって、こんな風に人に殴られるのは初めてだった。
  12. しかもその理由たるや、彼にふられた女がでっちあげたものなのだ。
  13. 痛みと怒りと屈辱感が全身を駆けまわり、心の傷口からたらたらと血が溢れ出す。


  1. Then Kyoko, who had been watching with amusement as he was being tortured, crouched down and played with his upper lip with her finger.
  2. "He's got the face of a woman, and yet he's the first one to try to kiss me."
  3. "It's a lie..."
  4. In fact, it was Kyoko who tried to kiss him, and Nakajima simply repelled her.
  5. Kyoko's pride was hurt, and she sought revenge by hitting on Kondo, who was crazy about her.
  6. But none of his friends were willing to testify to that for Nakajima.
  7. Only one classmate, Kenichi Takai, wearing dark-rimmed glasses, looked at Nakajima anxiously, as if he did not know what to do, but he did not seem to have the courage to stop Kondo.
  8. Kondo effortlessly pulled Nakajima up using only his left hand and drove another fist into his solar plexus.
  9. Nakajima was about to scream from the visceral gnawing pain.
  10. But his diaphragm was so numb that he could neither inhale nor exhale air, and only a faint moan escaped his injured lips.
  11. Nakajima, who had always lived his life in his own way, not wanting to hurt anyone or be hurt, had never been hit by someone like this before.
  12. And the reason for this was invented by the woman who was dumped by him.
  13. Pain, anger, and humiliation ran through his body, and the wounds in his heart began to bleed.


Kyoko, who had been watching Nakajima's torment with amusement, crouched down, flicking his upper lip with her finger. "He has a feminine face, yet he was the first to try and kiss me," she scoffed. "It's a lie..." Nakajima whispered. In reality, it was Kyoko who had attempted the kiss, and Nakajima had merely rejected her advances. Angered, Kyoko decided to seek revenge by inciting Kondo, who was infatuated with her. However, none of Nakajima’s friends were willing to testify in his favor. Only a classmate named Kenichi Takai, wearing dark-rimmed glasses, looked on with worry but lacked the courage to intervene. Kondo, with ease, hoisted Nakajima up with his left hand and drove another fist into his solar plexus. Nakajima attempted to scream from the agonizing pain, but his diaphragm was numbed, rendering him unable to breathe. Only a faint moan escaped his battered lips. Nakajima had lived a life where he neither hurt others nor got hurt himself. Being assaulted like this was a new, painful experience for him. The cause of it all was the false narrative spun by a woman he had rejected. As pain, anger, and humiliation surged through him, the wounds in his heart bled profusely.

Page 17

God damn it... I won't... I won't forgive this! A rebellion burned in Nakajima's eyes as he stared daggers at his adversaries. Kondo paused, "What's with that look?" Nakajima's fierce gaze threw him off, but only for a tense moment. Then, as if annoyed with himself, Kondo threw a hook to Nakajima's cheek, crunching teeth. "Perhaps he's had enough?" Kyoko said, pensively, "If he's hurt anymore, we'll be held accountable." Kondo considered her advice and sneered. "Oh? Guess she's letting you off," he laughed and let Nakajima's battered body drop to the floor like a sack of potatoes. "So weak, wasn't even worth the effort," he gloated.

 An hour later, with Takai's support, Nakajima willed his worn-out body to hobble to Kunitachi station on the Chuo Line. They waited for the inbound train in an awkward silence. When it arrived, they boarded, with Takai supporting Nakajima over his shoulder. "Let's sit over there," Takai said, nodding towards two empty seats. With a groan, Nakajima collapsed into the seat. He stared straight ahead, brooding over the events of the days and regretting ever enrolling in this school.

  1. (ちくしょう。
  2. 許さない・・・・・・許さないぞ)
  3. 中島の目に、いままで見せたことのない凶暴な光が宿った。
  4. 「なんだよ、その目は」
  5. 一瞬、彼の眼光にひるんだ近藤は、そんな自分に腹を立てたように中島の頬を殴りつけ、グキッと音をたてて歯が折れた。と、「ねえ、もういいんじゃない?」
  6. 京子が、いなすように言った。
  7. これ以上中島を痛めつければ、自分たちも責任を問われる恐れがある。
  8. 冷静に自分の保身だけ と考えることのできる、うす汚い女の声であった。
  9. 「おう、お許しがでたぜ。
  10. それにしても弱っちいガキだな。
  11. なぐり甲斐がネエぜ」
  12. 近藤は唇をゆがめて笑うと、ぼろ布のようになった中島の身体を床に転がした。
    • (page break)
  13. それから一時間ほどして、ようやく身体を動かせるようになった中島は、級友の高井健一に支えられて中央線の国立駅にたどりついた。
  14. 「座っていこうよ」
  15. 中島をかばいながら上り電車に乗り込んだ高井は、ちょうど二つ並んで空いている席をいかつ いで示した。
  16. 「えっ・・・・・・ああ」
  17. 中島は崩れ落ちるようにその座席に腰をおろし、それでも毅然と前を見つめながら、この高校に入学したことを密かに後悔していた。


  1. (God damn it.
  2. I won't allow it... I won't allow it)
  3. Nakajima's eyes lit up with a ferocious light that had never been seen before.
  4. "What's with those eyes?"
  5. For a moment, Kondo flinched at the look in his eyes, and then, as if annoyed with himself, punched Nakajima in the cheek, causing a gnashing sound and breaking his teeth. And then, "Hey, that's enough, isn't it?"
  6. Kyoko said, as if trying to tease him.
  7. If we hurt Nakajima any more, we could be held accountable ourselves.
  8. It was the voice of a foul woman who could calmly think only of her own self-preservation.
  9. "Oh, you've got my approval.
  10. But still, he's a weak kid.
  11. It's not worth the effort."
  12. Kondo's lips curled into a smile and he let Nakajima's battered body roll to the floor.
    • (page break)
  13. An hour or so later, Nakajima was finally able to move his body, and with the support of his classmate Kenichi Takai, he reached Kunitachi Station on the Chuo Line.
  14. "Let's sit down."
  15. Takai boarded the inbound train while supporting Nakajima, pointing out two empty seats right next to each other.
  16. "eh... oh."
  17. Nakajima collapsed and sat down on that seat, still resolutely staring ahead, secretly regretting that he had enrolled in this high school.


"Darn it... I won't forgive this... I won't!" A ferocious light, never seen before, ignited in Nakajima's eyes. "What's with those eyes?" snapped Kondo. For a fleeting moment, Nakajima's fierce gaze threw him off, but annoyance swiftly took over as he landed a punch on Nakajima's cheek, crunching teeth in the process. "Hey, isn't that enough?" interjected Kyoko, her voice masking a streak of self-preservation. The thought of being held accountable if Nakajima were harmed further crossed her mind. "Oh, looks like she's letting you off. Pathetic kid, hardly worth hitting," jeered Kondo, his lips curling into a sadistic smile as he let Nakajima's battered body tumble to the floor. (page break) Around an hour later, with the aid of his classmate Kenichi Takai, a slowly recuperating Nakajima managed to reach Kunitachi Station on the Chuo Line. "Let’s find a seat," suggested Takai, as they boarded the inbound train, his concern for Nakajima evident. He pointed towards two vacant seats side by side. "Ah... yeah," mumbled Nakajima, collapsing onto the seat with a heaviness not just in his body, but his heart too. As he sat there, gazing ahead with a blank yet resolute stare, a pang of regret over enrolling in this high school gnawed at him.

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Page 18

 Ten Saints Academy * is a prestigious private high school known for its rigorous curriculum that admits more than twenty students to the University of Tokyo every year. However, within its hallowed halls lies a divisive two-tiered system that's a source of discontent amongst the student body. A certain priveleged caste of hand-picked individuals, roughly twenty percent of the total student body, are offered many protections in the form of their own facilities, curriculum, and teaching materials, while the rest of the students are left to fight over the scraps.
 Nakajima and Takai were both classmates in one of these so-called "specialty classes".
 Nakajima was a slender man with an effeminate disposition, in fact he could probably pass as an attractive girl if he hung up his collar in favor of a sailor suit. In stark contrast, Takai was a paragon of masculinity, a sturdy-looking man with a strong body and thick hands from his Judo training in junior high. His appearance, however, was contrary to his gentle nature, and beneath his thick-rimmed glasses was a face bearing an almost childlike innocence.
 "So..." Takai stammered, "Kondo sure was crazy today" He scratched his cheek, feeling ashamed for not stepping in to help Nakajima. Nakajima raised an eyebrow and scoffed, retorting with a wince, "yeah... seems he gets extra motivated when his muse is buzzing around." Takai sighed, replying, "I don't understand how someone like Kyoko got into a specialty class in the first place. Rather, I can't believe you'd bother to try your luck with someone like her."
 Nakajima grimaced, "Believe it or not... It's actually the exact opposite."
 "Ah. So you rejected Kyoko." Takai responded flatly.

* T/N: I might change this back to romaji, depends on if the school's name is plot-relevant or not. "十聖" = "Juusei" = "Ten Saints", referring to the ten disciples of Buddha.

  1. 私立十聖高校は、毎年T大学に二十名以上を現役で合格させる名門高校として知られている。
  2. けれども同校の内情を知る者は、その極端な生徒の二層化方針に、首をかしげざるをえない。
  3. 施設、カリキュラム、教材、すべてにわたって過剰に保護された選抜クラスと、その他大勢の一般クラス。
  4. 全校生徒の二割に満たない選抜クラスの生徒たちは、 般生徒のやっかみの的になっている。
  5. そのやっかみが引き起こす多少の校内暴力事件も、二層化方針のもとでは、ある程度しかたのないことかもしれない。
  6. 中島も高井も、その選抜クラスにいた。
  7. ほっそりした中島は、詰襟をセーラー服に着替えたら、美少女として十分通用しそうに思える。
  8. 高井の風貌は、何からなにまで中島と好対照だ。
  9. 中学時代に柔道で鍛えたという、がっしりした身体に太い指。
  10. けれども決して気は強くないし、黒縁の眼鏡をとると童顔があらわになる。
  11. 「それにしても、今日の近藤は異常だったよな」
  12. 自分が中島のためになにもできなかったことが、心にひっかかっているのだろう。
  13. 高井は言い訳するように言った。
  14. 「あいつは女の前では、エネルギーが倍増するのさ」
  15. 中島は片眉をあげて、投げやりな答えを返した。
  16. 「まったく、なんで京子みたいなやつが選抜クラスにいるんだか。
  17. だいたいおまえが京子に手を出すわけないもんな」
  18. 「逆なんだよ・・・・・・実際は」
  19. 「京子の方が、ふられたってわけか」


  1. Jusei Private High School is known as a prestigious high school that admits more than 20 students to U of T every year as active students.
  2. Those who know the school's inner workings, however, can't help but shake their heads at its extreme two-tiered student policy.
  3. Facilities, Curriculum, Teaching materials, Overly protected and highly selective classes over all and, General class for many others.
  4. Students in selective classes, which comprise less than 20% of the school's student body, are the target of general student criticism.
  5. Some incidents of school violence caused by this jealousy may be somewhat unavoidable under a two-tier policy.
  6. Both Nakajima and Takai were in that select class.
  7. The slender Nakajima looked as if he might pass for a beautiful girl if he changed his collar into a sailor suit.
  8. Takai's appearance is in sharp contrast to Nakajima's in every way.
  9. He has a strong body and thick fingers, which he trained in judo in junior high school.
  10. However, she is not a strong-willed person, and when he takes off his black-rimmed glasses, his childish face is revealed.
  11. "By the way, Kondo was extraordinary today."
  12. It is likely that he is still haunted by the fact that he could not do anything for Nakajima.
  13. Takai said as if to excuse himself.
  14. "He has double the energy when he's in front of a woman."
  15. Nakajima raised one eyebrow and replied with a tossed-off answer.
  16. "I don't know why someone like Kyoko is in the selected class at all.
  17. In fact, there's no way you'd ever touch Kyoko."
  18. "It's the other way around, ・・・・・・ actually."
  19. "So Kyoko's the one who got dumped."


Ten Saints Academy is a prestigious institution, known for its rigorous curriculum that sends over twenty students to the University of Tokyo annually. However, within its halls lies a divisive two-tiered system that's a source of discontent among the student body. The privileged select class, constituting less than twenty percent of the total student population, receives superior facilities, curriculum, and teaching materials, creating a stark contrast against the general class students. In this structure, Nakajima and Takai find themselves among the select, despite their contrasting appearances and dispositions. Nakajima, slender and effeminate, could easily pass for a beautiful girl if dressed in a sailor suit, while Takai, with his sturdy body and thick fingers honed from junior high judo training, exudes a more masculine aura. Yet beneath his robust exterior, Takai's timid nature is revealed through his childlike face whenever his black-rimmed glasses are removed. As they reflect on the day's harrowing events, they discuss Kondo's unusually violent behavior, particularly when impressing a woman. Nakajima's disdain for Kyoko, a girl in their select class, becomes apparent as they delve into the incident further. The conversation reveals a complexity of relationships and underlying tensions within the select class, fueled by jealousy, resentment, and an unyielding hierarchical system that fosters hostility rather than camaraderie. Amid the conversation, a hint of regret and helplessness lingers in Takai's words, contrasting Nakajima's more dismissive attitude towards Kyoko's actions and the established system that seemingly favors her. As they navigate the intricacies of high school life, their conflicting personalities and experiences offer a glimpse into the broader social dynamics at play, painting a vivid picture of adolescent struggle amidst a backdrop of institutional favoritism.

Page 19

 Takai nodded in solemn understanding. Nakajima was a walking heartthrob with droves of female students pining for his affections left in his wake, all tragically unsuccessful in their ambitions to win over his heart. Though unsure of the exact reason, Takai surmised it was likely due to Nakajima having excessively high standards.
 As they sat in silence, the train briefly paused at Musashi Sakai Station. Takai crossed his arms and side-eyed Nakajima's profile. Compared to the other students of the specialty classes, Nakajima wasn't a particularly high achiever. Rather, compared to Takai who scored very well across all subjects, Nakajima had a clear preference for math and the sciences. The only humanities subject he studied was World History, and he wasn't particularly athletic. However, when it comes to computer knowledge, no one on campus, not even the teachers, can hold a candle to him.
 Takai felt confident that nobody in Japan could match Nakajima's prowess for technology. The computer games Nakajima could program in just a few days were addictingly good, other games just seemed stale in comparison. When working in the CAI * lab, Nakajima was in his natural element, concentrating on a screen with an intense expression and fingers a blur across the keyboard.
If I am considered a genius, then Nakajima is a savant. "Or a demon..." Takai muttered his thoughts aloud, turning his gaze to the scenery passing by outside. Suddenly, Nakajima expelled a loud, frustrated groan, breaking Takai out of his reverie.

* T/N: CAI = Computer Aided/Assisted Instruction. An archaic acronym from a bygone era, referring to learning materials or a whole classroom specialized for personal computers (think pre-"Computer Lab"). Usually sponsored by brands like IBM or Fujitsu.

  1. 納得したように高井はうなずいた。
  2. 中島に好意を寄せる女生徒は多いが、いまだに彼の心を射止めた者はいない。
  3. 高井はそれを、中島のえり好みが激しすぎるせいだと解釈していた。
  4. 二人が黙り込んでいる間に、電車は武蔵境駅を出る。
  5. 高井は、ちらりと中島の横顔を見た。
  6. 選抜クラスの中では、中島は特別に成績がいい方ではない。
  7. 全科目にまんべんなく好成績を残す高井に比べて、 中島は明らかに理数系の頭をしている。
  8. 文系の科目でなんとか見られるのは、世界史くらい。
  9. 運動神経も、さしていい方ではない。
  10. ただ、ことコンピュータに関する知識については、教師もふくめて、学内に誰一人として彼にかなう者はいない。
  11. 学内どころか、日本中捜しても、中島にかなう者はいないんじゃないかと高井は思う。
  12. 中島がほんの数日で作りあげてくるコンピュータゲームは、とにかく面白い。
  13. どんな人気ゲームも、中島の作ったゲームを楽しんだあとでは、陳腐に思えるほどだ。
  14. CAIルームで、ディスプレイを見つめ、キーボードに指を走らせる中島の表情には、狂気じみたところさえある。
  15. (俺が秀才なら、中島は典型的な天才だ)
  16. 高井は窓外の景色に視線をもどすと、一人納得したようにうなずいた。
  17. 「悪魔か......」
  18. そのとき、中島がボソッとつぶやいた。


  1. Takai nodded as if satisfied.
  2. Many female students have taken a liking to Nakajima, but no one has yet won his heart.
  3. Takai interpreted this as being due to Nakajima's excessive preferences.
  4. While they are silent, the train leaves Musashi Sakai Station.
  5. Takai glanced at Nakajima's profile.
  6. Among the selected classes, Nakajima is not a particularly high achiever.
  7. Compared to Takai, who performs well across the board in all subjects, Nakajima clearly has a head for science and mathematics.
  8. The only humanities subject that he managed to look at was world history.
  9. He is not a very athletic person.
  10. However, when it comes to computer knowledge, no one on campus, not even the teachers, can match him.
  11. Takai thinks that no one in Japan, let alone on campus, could match Nakajima.
  12. The computer games that Nakajima creates in just a few days are just so much fun.
  13. Any popular game can seem stale after enjoying a game made by Nakajima.
  14. In the CAI (T/N: Computer Aided Instruction) room, Nakajima stares at the display and runs his fingers along the keyboard, his expression almost insane.
  15. (If I am a genius, Nakajima is a model genius.)
  16. Takai returned his gaze to the view outside the window and nodded in agreement.
  17. "The Devil or ......"
  18. At that moment, Nakajima cried out.


Takai nodded, a sense of understanding settling in. Nakajima was indeed a heartthrob among many female students, yet none had managed to capture his heart. Takai often chalked this up to Nakajima's discerning tastes.  Their train departed Musashi Sakai Station amidst their silence. Takai stole a glance at Nakajima's profile. In the select classes, Nakajima wasn't known for high academic achievement. Unlike Takai, who excelled uniformly across subjects, Nakajima had a clear bent for the sciences and mathematics. His only venture into the humanities seemed to be World History. Athleticism too, didn’t seem to be in his favor.  But when it came to computers, Nakajima was unparalleled. Not a soul on campus, teachers included, could match wits with him in this realm. Takai often mused that perhaps there wasn’t a person in the whole of Japan who could rival Nakajima’s prowess. The computer games Nakajima crafted in mere days were nothing short of enthralling. They made even the most popular games feel lackluster in comparison. In the CAI room, Nakajima, engrossed in code, his fingers dancing across the keyboard, exhibited a fervor bordering on madness.  “If I’m seen as a prodigy, then Nakajima is the quintessential genius,” Takai mused, his gaze drifting back to the scenery whirling by outside the window. He nodded to himself as if to affirm this thought.  “A demon…” Nakajima muttered suddenly, his voice barely above a whisper.

Page 20

 "Ah, no, it's nothing."
 "Don't 'it's nothing' me, you..."
 Takai's protest was cut short as the train pulled into Nishiogikubo station. "See ya," Nakajima said, hunched over in pain but swiftly exiting the train with a pensive look on his face. After the train doors shut behind him, Takai sighed and sank back into his seat. "I never know what's going on in that head of yours," he muttered.

  1. 「えっ?」
  2. 「いや、なんでもないよ」
  3. 「いま、おまえ…・・・・・」
  4. 何か言おうと高井が口をすぼめたとき、電車は西荻窪駅についた。
  5. 「じゃあな」
  6. 背中を丸め、思いつめたような表情で中島は駅の階段を降りてゆく。
  7. 「まったく、なにを考えているんだか」
  8. 首をすくめると、高井は二人分の座席にドカリと腰をおろした。


  1. "What?"
  2. "No, it's nothing."
  3. "Now you..."
  4. When Takai was about to say something, the train arrived at Nishiogikubo station.
  5. "See you."
  6. With his back hunched, Nakajima descends the stairs of the station with a pensive look on his face.
  7. "I don't know what you're thinking."
  8. Shrugging his head, Takai sat down with a thud on the seat for two.

Part 2

Page 20(2)

 Along the street behind the shopping district, passing a row of recently constructed condominiums with 'for sale' banners flapping in the wind, Nakajima walked briskly while muttering to himself. To a passerby, he might have appeared as a typical high school student engrossed in memorization, reciting his study questions on the way home. The illusion is shattered, however, when one gets close enough to hear his odd ramblings; those who happened to catch fragments of the vocabulary recited would turn back with a look of bewilderment.
 Vaguely unnerving words of some creepy incantation escaped from his lips, not at all appropriate for a high school student. Cherry blossoms protuding from the wall brushed against his cheek, but Nakajima continued his muttering, unperturbed. He finally looked up when he reached a conspicuous-looking high-rise. He inserted an electronic key into the nearby slot, and the heavy glass doors opened with a thud.

  1. 商店街の裏手。
  2. 最近建ったばかりのマンションには、分譲中の垂れ幕がさがっている。
  3. 中島は前かがみに歩きながら、しきりに唇を動かしていた。
  4. すれちがう人には、暗記に夢中な高校生くらいに見えたかもしれない。
  5. が、すれ違いざまに彼の唇からもれる言葉の断片を耳にした人は、 いぶかしげに振り返る。
  6. それが高校生にはおよそ似合わない、気味の悪い呪文のように聞こえたからである。
  7. ブロック塀からとびだした桜の花が頬に触れて、つぼみが揺れた。
  8. 中島はかまわず、目を地面に落としたまま歩き続ける。
  9. 彼の目がようやく正面に向けられたのは、ひときわ目立つ高層マンションの前に立った時だった。
  10. 鍵穴に電子キーをさしこむと、硬質ガラスの自動ドアが、重厚な音をたてて左右に開いた。
  1. Behind the shopping street.
  2. A banner hanging from a recently built condominium is hanging while it is being sold.
  3. Nakajima was walking forward and moving his lips with his lips constantly.
  4. To someone passing by, I might have looked like a high school student obsessed with memorization.
  5. But when they pass by each other and hear fragments of words leaking from his lips, they look back at him with a sneer.
  6. The reason is that it sounded like a creepy incantation, which is not appropriate for a high school student.
  7. Cherry blossoms protruding from the block wall touched his cheeks, and the buds swayed.
  8. Nakajima doesn't care and continues walking with his eyes down to the ground.
  9. His eyes finally turned to the front when he stood in front of a conspicuous high-rise apartment building.
  10. Inserting an electronic key into the keyhole, the hard glass automatic door opened to the left and right with a heavy thud.

Page 21

 Decorated in a Canadian marble motif, the entranceway projected an air of sterile luxury. Stepping into the chilly foyer, Nakajima pushed the button to call the elevator, drawing a quick breath and straightening his back. A moment later, the elevator door parted and he stepped in and pushed the button for the 13th floor. As the elevator rose, a sudden change in air pressure caused his body to ache, once again reminding him of his unpleasant afternoon.
 A copper plate with the name "NAKAJIMA" in relief was affixed to the door of apartment 1302. Warily, Nakajima pressed the doorbell, but there was no sign of movement inside. He sighed, then unlocked the door. He carelessly threw off his shoes and promptly made his way to the bathroom mirror.
 The face staring back at him was an ugly sight to behold; his lips were split and swollen, and his left cheek sported a nasty yellow bruise. After studying his reflection for awhile, Nakajima abrubtly turned on the faucet and splashed cold water on his face.
 Returning to the livingroom, he collapsed onto the couch and spotted a note on the side table nearby. 'I'll be late due to a meeting, you can reheat dinner in the microwave...' Nakajima crumpled the paper without reading the rest. "If they are gonna write the same crap every day, why not just print a sign?" he lamented.
 Ever since his father, who works for a trading company, transferred to Los Angeles, his mother seemed to be getting more and more absorbed by her design work. These days, it was normal for one or both of them to return home well after dark.

  1. カナディアン大理石を基調にした豪華な、けれどもどことなく無機質なエントランス。
  2. その中に踏み込むと、中島はすっと息を吸い込んで背筋を伸ばした。
  3. エレベータに乗り込むと、十三階のボタンを押す。
  4. 気圧の変化に体中が痛み、あの不快な出来事を思い出させる。
  5. 一三〇二号室のドアには、「NAKAJIMA」とレリーフした銅板がはりつけられている。
  6. チャイムを押してみたものの、中から応える気配はない。
  7. ため息をついて、 中島は鍵をあけた。
  8. ドアをあけ、乱雑に靴を脱ぎ捨てるなり、バスルームへと向かう。
  9. 洗面所の鏡に映った顔は、切れた唇が水泡状に腫れあがり、見られたものではない。
  10. 左頬にも、こころもち黄色い痣ができている。
  11. しばらく鏡に映った自分を見つめていた中島は、唐突に蛇口をいっぱいに開き、溢れ出す水を両手に受けて、顔にたたきつけるようにして洗った。
  12. リビングに戻ってソファに倒れ込んだとき、サイドテーブルの上にメモが置いてあるのに気がついた。
  13. 『会議で遅くなります。夕食はレンジで温めて・・・・・』
  14. 中島は最後まで読まずに、その紙片を手で握りつぶした。
  15. 「どうせ同じ文句を書くなら、いっそ印刷でもしておきゃいいのに」
  16. 商社に勤める父親がロサンゼルスに赴任して以来、母親はますますデザインの仕事に脂がのってきたようだ。
  17. 最近は、帰宅が夜中になることも珍しくない。
  1. The luxurious, yet somewhat inorganic entrance is decorated in Canadian marble.
  2. Stepping into it, Nakajima inhaled quickly and straightened his back.
  3. He gets into the elevator and presses the button for the thirteenth floor.
  4. The change in air pressure caused aches all over his body, reminding him of that unpleasant event.
  5. A copper plate with the word "NAKAJIMA" in relief is affixed to the door of Room 1302.
  6. He tried pressing the chime, but there was no sign of an answer from inside.
  7. Sighing, Nakajima unlocked the door.
  8. He opens the door, takes off his shoes in a messy manner, and heads for the bathroom.
  9. The face in the bathroom mirror was not a pretty sight to behold, with its cut lips swollen into a blistering mess.
  10. There is also a yellow bruise on his left cheek.
  11. After staring at his reflection in the mirror for a while, Nakajima abruptly opened the faucet to full and took the overflowing water in both hands, slapping it on his face as he washed.
  12. When he returned to the living room and collapsed on the couch, he noticed a note on the side table.
  13. 'I will be late due to a meeting. Dinner can be heated in the microwave...'
  14. Nakajima crushed the piece of paper in his hand without reading it all the way through.
  15. "If they're going to write the same crap, why not just print it out?"
  16. Since his father, who works for a trading company, was transferred to Los Angeles, his mother seems to be getting more and more involved with her design work.
  17. These days, it is not unusual for them to return home in the middle of the night.

Page 22

 Resentment festered in Nakajima's mind as he thought of his mother.
 As Nakajima got up and opened the door to his room, the phone rang with a sharp trill. He paid it little heed, figuring it was a call for his mother anyways.
 His room was a bleak affair, not a pinup or poster to be seen. Each wall, sans the windows, was covered top to bottom with heavy steel bookcases. Anime magazines and manga covered a significant portion of shelf space, as one would find in any typical teenager's bedroom. However, the corner of the last bookshelf was mysteriously drab looking. There, books dedicated to mysticism and witchcraft, titles such as "Book of the Dead * " and "Nakoto Codex ** ", were arranged in neat rows. On a sturdy steel desk next to a beefy-looking computer was a particular tome, an overview reference of mysticism, called "The Golden Dawn: A New Testament ". The thick book looked well-read, judging from the worn edges and cracked leather spine.
  Nakajima pulled up a chair and sat in front of the large display. Flipping a switch on the wall, the ethereal vocals of David Coverdale flowed into the room from nearby speakers †† . He ran his fingers gracefully across the keyboard:


The command entered, a lengthy program flits across the screen. Sharp eyes following the text intently, Nakajima tapped the keyboard along with the flowing rhythm.

* There are numerous tomes called the "Book of the Dead", however the most well-known and accepted tome (by modern mystics) is "The Papyrus of Ani". More info can be found here.
** I consider myself pretty well-versed in mystical and magickal references, but I have no idea what the "Nakoto Codex" or "Nakoto Manuscript" is. The original wording is 『ナコト写本』, so if someone has any idea what this is referencing hit me up on Twitter (though it's most likely some made-up bullshit).
There are a lot of reference books about the history and practices of the Golden Dawn (The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, NOT the neo-nazi group), however given the time this book was written I believe that the book in the story is actually a reference to "The Golden Dawn: An Account of the Teachings, Rites, and Ceremonies of the Order of the Golden Dawn" (1982, ISBN 0-87542-664-6).
†† So fucking weird to see a David Coverdale reference here, and I have no clue which song fits the scene here. Just... listen to his Whitesnake album from 1977. It's a goddamn masterpiece.

  1. その母親の顔を思い出したとたん、くすぶっていた怒りがぶり返してきた。
  2. と、突然、電話が呼び出し音をあげた。
  3. どうせ母親あての電話に決まっている。
  4. 鳴り続ける電話を横目に睨んで、中島は自分の部屋のドアを開けた。
  5. ピンナップ一枚はっていない、殺風景な部屋である。
  6. 窓を除く三面の壁の大部分は、天井までとどくスチール製の本棚で埋められている。
  7. アニメ誌やコミックスが相当な面積をしめているのが、いかにも高校生らしいところだが、本棚の隅に奇妙にくすんだ印象を与える部分がある。
  8. そこには、『死者の書』『ナコト写本』など、魔術・呪術関係の書物が並べられている。
  9. スチールデスクの上にはフル装備のパソコンが置かれ、その横には魔術概論 『ゴールデンドーン新説』があった。
  10. 革の背表紙がすりきれているところを見ると、よほど熟読したものに違いない。
  11. 中島は椅子を引いて、ディスプレイの前に腰をおろした。
  12. 壁際のスイッチに手を触れると、スピーカーからデビッド・カヴァーディールのまとわりつくようなボーカルが流れはじめる。
  13. 中島はキーボードに指を走らせた。
  14. -LIST
  15. コマンドを入力すると、長大なプログラムが画面を駆ける。
  16. 鋭い目でプログラムリストを追いながら、中島は流れるようなリズムでキーボードを叩きはじめた。
  1. As soon as he remembered his mother's face, the smoldering anger returned.
  2. Suddenly, the phone rang.
  3. It must be a call for his mother anyway.
  4. Staring sideways at the ringing phone, Nakajima opened the door to his room.
  5. The room is a bleak affair, with not a single pinup on the wall.
  6. Most of the three walls, except for the windows, are filled with steel bookcases that reach the ceiling.
  7. Anime magazines and comics occupy a considerable area, which is typical of high school students, but there is a corner of the bookshelf that gives a strangely dull impression.
  8. There, books related to witchcraft and sorcery, such as "The Book of the Dead" and "The Nakoto Codex" are arranged.
  9. On the steel desk was a fully equipped computer, and next to it was an overview of witchcraft, "Golden Dawn: A New Testament".
  10. It must have been read very carefully, judging by the worn leather spine.
  11. Nakajima pulled up a chair and sat down in front of the display.
  12. Touching a switch on the wall, David Coverdale's ethereal vocals begin to flow from the speakers.
  13. Nakajima ran his fingers across the keyboard.
  14. -LIST
  15. When a command is entered, a lengthy program runs across the screen.
  16. Following the program list with sharp eyes, Nakajima began tapping on the keyboard in a flowing rhythm.

Page 23


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Page 24

 Nakajima's initial interest in the arcane began when he suddenly stumbled upon the large tome on his desk, "The Golden Dawn: A New Testament". Despite the frustratingly inadequate translation, he eventually managed to read it to the end: the fascinating world of magick and mysticism, with all its hidden taboos, depicted with the cold and concise precision akin to a computer's technical manual.
 After his second and third time reading the book, he was suddenly struck with a flash of inspiration. A revelation, in fact.
 The parallels between magickal theory and computer theory were striking.

 Computers and Witchcraft. Two seemingly distinct realms.

 However, the connections between the two subjects have long been obvious to both information technology engineers and magickal practitioners, long prior to Nakajima's epiphany. One such person was a renowned Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Professor Charles Feed. As the primary voice behind mystical computing, Feed organized a group, dubbed the International Satanist Garden (ISG), which Nakajima promptly joined upon hearing of it.
 As for the past several months, the sum of Nakajima's research had been dedicated to scripting a program to summon demons of his own devising. The program was nearly complete, with the central pillar, the main code repository, nearly finished. All that remained was certain subroutines. However, until recent events unfolded, Nakajima was indecisive on how, or rather, if, he should put the finishing touches on the program.

  1. 中島が魔術に興味をもったのは、ふとしたきっかけで「ゴールデンドーン新説」を読む機会を得たときからだった。
  2. 稚拙な翻訳文にいらだちながらも、一応最後まで読み通した。
  3. そこに魔術という後ろめたさを秘めた魅力ある世界が、不思議なリアリズムを伴って、冷徹に表現されていたからだ。
  4. 気になる箇所を二度三度と読み返すうちに、彼は突然天啓に触れたかのようにある事実に気づいた。
  5. 魔術理論とコンピュータ理論の、驚くべき類似である。
  6. コンピュータと魔術。
  7. 一見なんの関係もなさそうな二つの世界。
  8. だが両者の類似性は、中島の発見を待つまでもなく情報工学、 魔術、両サイドの研究者により、古くから指摘されてきた。
  9. 人工知能の研究で有名なMIT(マサチューセッツ工科大学)のチャールズ・フィード教授もその一人である。
  10. 中島はさっそく教授の組織するISG(インターナショナル・サタニスト・ガーデン)に加入した。
  11. そしてこの数ヶ月、中島は自ら考案した悪魔を呼び出すためのプログラム作りに没頭していた。
  12. 完成までもう少し。
  13. 柱になる部分は、あらかたプログラミングし終わっている。
  14. あとはサブルーチンを一部追加するだけだ。
  15. しかし昨日までの中島は、そのプログラムを完成させることには若干のためらいがあった。


  1. Nakajima's interest in witchcraft began when he suddenly had the opportunity to read "Golden Dawn: A New Testament."
  2. Although frustrated by the poor translation, he read it through to the end.
  3. This is because the fascinating world of magic, with its hidden guilt, is cold-bloodedly expressed with a mysterious realism.
  4. As he reread the passage he was interested in two or three times, he suddenly realized a fact, as if he had been touched by a revelation.
  5. The parallels between magic theory and computer theory are striking.
  6. Computers and Witchcraft.
  7. Two seemingly unrelated worlds.
  8. However, the similarities between the two have long been pointed out by researchers in information engineering, magic, and both sides without waiting for Nakajima's discovery.
  9. One such person is MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Professor Charles Fied, who is well known for his research in artificial intelligence.
  10. Nakajima immediately joined the International Satanist Garden (ISG) organized by the professor.
  11. And for the past several months, Nakajima has been immersed in creating a program to summon demons of his own devising.
  12. Almost to completion.
  13. The pillar part of the project was almost finished being programmed.
  14. All that remains is to add some subroutines.
  15. Until yesterday, however, Nakajima had some hesitation in completing that program.


Nakajima's intrigue in the mystical was sparked when he unexpectedly found himself with an opportunity to delve into "The Golden Dawn: A New Testament." Despite the translation's inadequacy that irked him, he managed to read it through to the end. The allure of magic, shrouded in a sense of forbidden charm, was portrayed with a cold, peculiar realism that captivated him. Upon revisiting certain captivating sections two or three times, he stumbled upon a revelation as if touched by a stroke of divine insight. There existed astonishing parallels between the theories of magic and those of computing. Computers and Witchcraft. Two realms that, at a glance, appeared poles apart. Yet, the resemblance between the two was an acknowledged fact, pointed out long before Nakajima’s realization, by researchers from both the realms of information engineering and mysticism. Among them was Professor Charles Feed from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), renowned for his work in artificial intelligence, who was one of the voices recognizing this synergy. Seizing the opportunity, Nakajima promptly aligned himself with the International Satanist Garden (ISG), an organization orchestrated by the professor. For the subsequent months, Nakajima immersed himself in crafting a program aimed at summoning demons of his own design. The finish line was within sight. The core components of the project were almost fully programmed. Only a few subroutines remained to be integrated. However, up until the previous day, Nakajima harbored a trace of hesitation towards bringing the program to completion.

Page 25

 Previously, Nakajima's indecision led to a constant thought in the back of his mind: In theory, a devil should appear. But what on earth do I want the conjured devil to actually do?. The focus of the project had not been clear up to now. However, thanks to a certain love-striken behemoth, a new goal had emerged. "I'm terribly sorry, but you've been volenteered to be the guinea pig..." Nakajima smirked. He began working on the final subroutine.
 "...Substitute the legs of a toad with registry DATA 3780-3990. This is stored in the buffer and the spell is cast before the figure is displayed. Yod, Dur, Daur, Set. * " Nakajima read aloud from the Golden Dawn manual, "what does this spell mean?" He reached over and put the modem phone on the reciever, then dialed the number for the ISG host computer in Arkham, Massachusetts.
 After the computer connected to the ISG database, a splash screen featuring a pixelated graphic of Lucifer popped up on the display. Nakajima typed some commands to call upon the system's artifical intelligence, Craft, and attempted to explain the situation and ask about the strange spell. After many failed queries due to Nakajima's poor understanding of English, causing many " ? " errors from Craft, the AI finally responded:

[CRAFT] OK. I understand you.

 Finally. Nakajima asked about the spell in his best English:

[中島] It is only a counter maybe?

 Craft responded:

[CRAFT] The spell may be merely a time-measuring device.

[中島] Thank you Craft. **

* I tried to reconcile the odd Engrish (Hebrish?) with the actual hebrew letters, but the only one that corresponds is Yod (י). The rest is either gibberish or another language (maybe "Set" is referring to the Egyptian god). Am I overthinking this? Yes.
** I took a bit of creative liberty here and tried to make the chat a bit easier to understand who was talking.

  1. 理論どおりにいけば、必ず悪魔は出現するはずだ。
  2. しかし、自分は呼び出した悪魔にいったい何をさせようというのか。
  3. その目的が、いままではっきりしなかったのだ。
  4. だが今日のできごとは、きわめて単純明快な目的を準備してくれた。
  5. 「気の毒だけど、実験台になってもらう他ないさ」
  6. 中島は、サブルーチンの制作に入った。
  7. 「ひき蛙の足はDATA3780~3990で代用。
  8. これをブァッファにためておいて、図形を表示する前に呪文を唱える。
  9. ヨッド・ドゥール・ダウル・セット。
  10. この呪文は、どういう意味なんだろう?」
  11. 中島はモデム電話をとりあげると、マサチューセッツ州アーカムへ電話をかけた。
  12. コンピュータ通信で、ISGのホストコンピュータを呼び出す。
  13. 回線がつながると、ディスプレイには悪魔ルシファーのイメージグラフィックが浮んだ。
  14. 中島は人工知能のクラフトを呼び出して状況を説明すると、その呪文について尋ねた。
  15. 英語はそれほど得意ではないので、何度も画面に「?」が浮ぶ。
  16. —OK. I understood.
  17. ようやくクラフトが状況を理解してくれたようだ。
  18. 中島は、その呪文がどういう意味を持つものかについて質問した。
  19. It's only the counter maybe?
  20. クラフトが答えを返してくれた。
  21. 呪文は単なる時間計測器にすぎないという意味なのだろう。
  22. —Thank you Craft.
  1. If we follow the theory, the devil will surely appear.
  2. But what on earth do I want the devil I conjured up to do?
  3. The purpose of the project has not been clear until now.
  4. But today's events prepared him for a very simple and clear objective.
  5. "I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to let you be the test subject."
  6. Nakajima began working on a subroutine.
  7. "The legs of the toad are substituted with DATA 3780~3990.
  8. This is stored in the buffer and the spell is cast before the figure is displayed.
  9. Yod Doul Daul Set.
  10. What does this spell mean?"
  11. Nakajima picked up the modem phone and called Arkham, Massachusetts.
  12. Call the host computer of the ISG via computer communication.
  13. When the line was connected, an image graphic of the demon Lucifer floated on the display.
  14. Nakajima called up the artificial intelligence Craft, explained the situation, and asked about the spell.
  15. I am not that good at English, so many times the "?" appears on the screen many times.
  16. —OK. I understood.
  17. Finally, Kraft seems to understand the situation.
  18. Nakajima asked about the meaning of the spell.
  19. It's only the counter maybe?
  20. Kraft responded with an answer.
  21. It may mean that the spell is merely a time-measuring device.
  22. —Thank you Craft.

Page 26

 Nakajima broke the connection to ISG's server and once again immersed himself in coding the subroutines.
 Two hours had flown by when there was a soft knock on the door to his room. "Come in," he responded, absentmindedly, eyes remaining glued to the program scrolling by the display. The knob turned and his mother entered, still in her work clothes.
 "Did you remember to eat?" she asked. "..." Nakajima remained silent, fingers typing away on his keyboard. "Oh, what happened to your lip?" His mother bent close, studying his face. "I bumped it... a soccer goalpost." Nakajima paused his fingers and glanced over at his mother.
 Nakajima was a spitting image of his mother, a beautful woman with a slender figure, and people often mistook them for brother and sister when they went out together. She was a conservative woman, especially regarding her son's education, pushing for Nakajima to set his sights on a medical degree from University of Kyoto. Unfortunately for her, his grades were too sporadic to remotely qualify for such a prestigious school.
 Concerned, she asked, "Shouldn't you apply some medicine?" "I'm fine," Nakajima replied, "it's no big deal, mom." Frustrated and embarrased by his mom's interruption, Nakajima tapped random keys on his keyboard. Beep. His computer beeped quietly as an error message popped up on screen.

  1. 中島はISGとの通信を打ち切ると、再びサブルーチンの制作に没頭した。
  2. それから二時間ほどして、部屋をノックする音がした。
  3. 「どうぞ」
  4. 中島はディスプレイのプログラムリストを見つめたまま、面倒くさそうに応じた。
  5. するとノブが回って、外出着のままの母親が入ってきた。
  6. 「夕食は、ちゃんととったの?」
  7. 「••••••」
  8. 中島はなにも応えずに、キーボードを叩き続ける。
  9. 「あら、その唇はどうしたの?」
  10. すぐ後ろにきた母親が、中島の顔を覗き込むようにして尋ねた。
  11. 「ぶつかったんだ。
  12. サッカーのゴールポストに」
  13. 中島は指を止めて、チラッと母親を見返した。
  14. 彼によく似て、細面で美しい女性だ。
  15. 二人がいっしょにいると、よく姉弟に間違えられる。
  16. だが彼女は息子の教育に関してはきわめて保守的で、彼をK大の医学部に入れたがっていた。
  17. もっとも中島の成績はむらがありすぎて、医学部にはむかないのだが。
  18. 「薬をつけておいた方がいいんじゃないの?」
  19. 「大丈夫。
  20. たいしたことないよ、母さん」
  21. プログラミングを中断されて苛立った中島は、無作為にキーボードを叩いた。
  22. ビー
  23. ビープ音をたてて、画面にエラー表示が浮んだ。
  1. Nakajima broke off communication with ISG and once again immersed himself in the creation of subroutines.
  2. About two hours later, there was a knock on the door to the room.
  3. "Go ahead."
  4. Nakajima responded dismissively, staring at the list of programs on the display.
  5. Then the knob turned and the mother, still in her going-out clothes, entered.
  6. "Did you have a proper dinner?"
  7. "..."
  8. Nakajima did not respond, but continued tapping on his keyboard.
  9. "Oh, what happened to your lips?"
  10. His mother, who came up right behind him, looked into Nakajima's face and asked.
  11. "Bumped.
  12. On a soccer goalpost."
  13. Nakajima stopped his fingers and glanced back at his mother.
  14. Much like him, she is slender and beautiful.
  15. When they are together, they are often mistaken for sister and brother.
  16. But she was extremely conservative about her son's education and wanted him to go to U of K medical school.
  17. Nakajima's grades were too uneven to be suitable for medical school, however.
  18. "Shouldn't you be on medication?"
  19. "I'm fine.
  20. It's no big deal, Mom."
  21. Frustrated by the interruption of his programming, Nakajima randomly tapped on his keyboard.
  22. Beep.
  23. An error message floated on the screen with a beep.

Page 27

 His mother, resigned, gave up and left the room.

 3:00 A.M.

 "Alright, done!" Najakima struck the return key with finality, then slapped both knees as he got up from his chair.


 The disk whirred as a series of strange characters danced across the display. His celebration was short lived, however, as not even five minutes later the display froze with a static error message:

— Out of memory.

 Insufficient memory meant the program was simply too long, hogging too much RAM. "Unsurprising, all things considered," Nakajima mused aloud, "I would expect failure on a single home workstation such as this." After some thought, a dangerous twinkle appeared in Nakajima's eyes. "Hm. The school's host computer should be powerful enough to run it..."

  1. とりつくしまを失って、母親はなかば諦めたように部屋を出ていった。

  2. 午前三時。
  3. 「よし、できた!」
  4. と、声をあげると、中島は両手で膝を叩いて椅子から立ちあがった。
  5. —RUN
  6. ディスクがうなり、画面に異様な文字が見え隠れする。
  7. だが五分もたたないうちに、ディスプレイはエラーメッセージを表示したまま静止した。
  8. —It's out of memory.
  9. メモリが不足しているということは、プログラムが長すぎるのか、変数領域でメモリを侵食しすぎるのかもしれない。
  10. 「いいさ。もともとパソコン一台じゃ無理なんだから。
  11. 学校のホストコンピュータを使えば、メモリは十分だ」
  12. 中島の目は、ギラギラと輝いていた。
  1. His mother left the room as if she had given up, having lost her nerve.

  2. 3:00 a.m.
  3. "Okay, we've got it!"
  4. When he shouted, Nakajima slapped his knees with both hands and got up from his chair.
  5. —RUN
  6. The disk groans and strange characters appear and disappear on the screen.
  7. Within five minutes, however, the display went static with an error message.
  8. —It's out of memory.
  9. Insufficient memory may mean that the program is too long, or it may be invading too much memory in the variable area.
  10. "It's all right. It's impossible to do it with just one computer to begin with.
  11. With the school's host computer, we have plenty of memory."
  12. Nakajima's eyes glittered.

Part 3

Page 27(2)

 Later that week, Saturday around 7:00 P.M.
 Iida, the duty teacher, noticed a lone figure in the CAI room and opened the door. "Who's there? It's late," he called out.

  1. その週の土曜日の午後七時。
  2. 宿直の飯田教諭は、CAIルームにだれかがいることに気づいてドアを開いた。
  3. 「だれだ、こんな時間に?」
  1. Seven o'clock that Saturday afternoon of that week.
  2. Iida, the teacher on duty, noticed someone in the CAI room and opened the door.
  3. "Who are you, at this hour?"

Page 28

 "What the hell? Nakajima?" The lone student's face was eerily illuminated by the green light of a computer display. Iida's tone softened, "at least turn on the lights." Although Nakajima's grades were a bit shaky, he was trusted and well-respected by his science and maths teachers due to his brilliance. "I couldn't quite get my program to execute," Nakajima replied mechanically as hard disks spun in the darkness, "but I'm almost done."
 Iida smirked. "Well, your enthusiam is noble, but—" he flicked on the light switch, "...what the hell?!" Iida's gruff voice echoed off the CAI lab walls. An elaborate geometric pattern was drawn all over the floor in red and white chalk, with Nakajima's chair in the center. "It's Solomon's Hexagram * ." Nakajima stated matter-of-factly. "Solomon's Hexagram," Iida echoed, taken aback, "how... occult." Unfazed, Nakajima ignored Iida's attempted sarcasm, focusing on the lab's terminal, his fingers dancing on the keys.
 A moment later, behind the large glass walls housing the lab's hardware, the host computer began to whirr to life. "Finally, squashed that bug." Nakajima stretched and announced, "I'm done." After setting the program list to print, Nakajima turned in his chair to face Iida.

* T/N: "Solomon's Hexagram" or "Solomon's Seal" (not to be confused with the Secret Seal of Solomon or The Keys) is a staple in many, many, religions. There is debate on whether it predates or is a variant of the Star of David, as they share essentially the same pattern (two opposing triangles layed centrally atop each other). It's honestly not very interesting, but if you want some more info check Wikipedia or here (warning, adbloat cancer).

  1. ディスプレイの光を受けて、生徒の顔は異様に輝いて見えた。
  2. 「なんだ、中島。
  3. 電気もつけないで」
  4. 飯田の口調がやわらいだ。
  5. 成績にむらはあるけれども、天才的な頭脳の持ち主として、中島は理数系の教師たちには信頼されているのである。
  6. 「プログラムがなかなかうまくいかなくて。
  7. でも、もうすこしで終わります」
  8. 中島の声は、ディスクドライブの回転音にあわせるかのように、心持ち金属質に感じられた。
  9. 「熱心なのはいいが、夜間この教室を利用するときは、申請が必要なことくらい知っているだろう。
  10. 見つけたのが俺だからよかったものの......」
  11. 飯田は軽く小言をいいながら、照明のスイッチを入れた。
  12. 「なんだ、これは!」
  13. 明るくなったCAIルームに、飯田のすっとん狂な声が響く。
  14. 中島の座っている椅子を中心に、床一面に赤と白のチョークによって幾何学模様が描かれている。
  15. 「ソロモンの六角形ですよ」
  16. 「ソロモン? なんだかオカルトめいた話だな」
  17. 中島は、飯田の皮肉にはとりあわず、端末機のキーに指をすべらせた。
  18. やがて硬質ガラスにしきられた向こうのマシンルームで、ホストコンピュータが稼動しはじめた。
  19. 「よし、ようやくバグがとれた。
  20. 完成したぞ」
  21. プログラムリストをプリントアウトするように設定して立ちあがると、中島は飯田と向かいあった。
  1. The students' faces looked oddly radiant in the light of the display.
  2. "What the hell, Nakajima.
  3. The lights are off."
  4. Iida's tone eased.
  5. Although his grades are uneven, Nakajima is trusted by his science and mathematics teachers as a genius with a brilliant mind.
  6. "I couldn't quite get the program to work.
  7. But I'm almost done."
  8. Nakajima's voice was, as if to match the sound of the disk drive spinning, felt hauntingly metallic.
  9. "I like your enthusiasm, but you at least know that you need to apply to use this classroom at night.
  10. I'm glad it was me who found you, but..."
  11. Iida lightly sneered and turned on the light switch.
  12. "What the hell?!"
  13. Iida's gruff voice echoed in the brightly lit CAI room.
  14. A geometric pattern is drawn by red and white chalk all over the floor, centered on the chair in which Nakajima is sitting.
  15. "It's Solomon's Hexagon."
  16. "Solomon? It's kind of occult."
  17. Nakajima did not respond to Iida's snark, but instead slid his fingers over the keys on the terminal.
  18. Soon, in the machine room behind the hard glass walls, the host computer began to operate.
  19. "I finally caught the bug.
  20. We're done."
  21. After setting the program list to print out and getting up, Nakajima faced Iida.

Page 29

 A dangerous glint shone behind Nakajima's eyes as he smiled wide, causing the cut on his lip to open again and leak fresh blood slowly down his chin. Iida's face hardened. In an even voice, he asked, "Nakajima, what exactly were you using the host mainframe for, without consent from the school?"
 "I wrote a program to conjure a devil," Nakajima brushed his bangs to the side nonchalantly, "these hexagrams protect me from harm from demonic forces. A devil should ascend shortly, so I suggest you step into the boundary, lest you get torn to pieces." For a long moment, Iida just stared seriously at Nakajima, mouth agape. "...Are you crazy?" he finally asked, dumbfounded.
 "Who's the crazy one here, I wonder. You see this, Mr. Iida," Nakajima gestured to his face, "this gash on my lip, this bruise on my face? Courtesy of the illustrious Karate club captain, Kondo. As well as the apple of his eye, Kyoko Takamizawa." Nakajima's eyes flared as his rant escalated, "this school allows these wild dogs to roam free and does nothing to rein them in. No matter how bloodied I got in that classroom, an assault clear as day, not one student nor instructor lent their aid. My classmates aside, you teachers are probably biding your time, turning a blind eye for the next two, three years for them to graduate, patiently waiting for the calamity to pass. But I don't have that luxury. That's my entire tenure at this god-forsaken school! So, I won't let them freely do as they like any longer. I am going to summon the devil himself if I have to in order to execute those... vermin." Nakajima's shoulders shook as he panted heavily.

T/N: Honestly, I took a lot of creative liberties in Nakajima's little villian monologue there. I personally believe it flows better, but it's hard to judge properly through the sheer cringe of the scene.

  1. 美少女といっても通用しそうな切れ長の目が、いまは悪魔的な笑みを浮かべている。
  2. 近藤に殴られて切れたのはさっきまではふさがっていたのだが、興奮したせいか傷口が開いて、鮮血が滲みだして顎に糸をひいた。
  3. 「説明してもらおうか、中島。
  4. 無断でホストコンピュータを動かして、何のプログラムを組んでいたんだ?」
  5. 飯田の眼差しが、厳しいものになった。
  6. 「悪魔を呼び出すプログラムを組んでいたんです。
  7. この六角形は、悪魔から身を守るためのものです。
  8. まもなく悪魔が降臨します。
  9. 先生もこの中に入ったほうがいい。
  10. 八つ裂きにされても知 りませんよ」
  11. 中島は額にかかった前髪を払いながら、こともなげに言い切った。
  12. 一瞬、飯田はポカンと口を開いて、まじまじと中島を見つめた。
  13. 「おまえ、頭がおかしくなったんじゃないのか?」
  14. 「おかしいのは、どちらでしょうね。
  15. 先生、見てください。
  16. この唇の傷を、顔の痣を。
  17. 空手部の近藤にやられたんです。
  18. 高見沢京子もいっしょでした。
  19. 学校はあいつらみたいな狂犬を野放しにしておいて、何一つ対策をたてようともしない。
  20. 教室の中でぼくがどんな目にあおうと、教師も生徒も知らんふりだ。
  21. 暴行の事実は歴然としているのに、なんの処分もしない。
  22. 先生たちは、あいつらが卒業していくのを待っているんでしょう。
  23. 目をつぶってさえいれば、災いは自然に去っていく。
  24. ほんの二、三年の辛抱ですからね。
  25. でも僕の高校生活は、いましかないんだ。
  26. これ以上、あいつらの好きにはさせない。
  27. 僕は悪魔を呼び出して、あの虫けらどもを処刑してやるんだ」
  28. 中島は、話しているうちに興奮してきたものとみえて、荒い息遣いに肩が上下している。
  1. His thin ladylike eyes, which could have been described as beautiful, are now smiling devilishly.
  2. The cut from Kondo's beating had been closed earlier, but the wound opened, probably due to excitement, and fresh blood oozed out and threaded down his chin.
  3. "Let me ask you to explain something, Nakajima.
  4. What were you doing running the host computer and programming it without permission?"
  5. Iida's gaze became stern.
  6. "I had programmed it to conjure up demons.
  7. These hexagons are for protection against demons.
  8. The devil will descend shortly.
  9. The teacher should be in this one.
  10. I don't care if they tear you to pieces."
  11. Nakajima brushes his bangs off his forehead, he said it without care.
  12. For a moment, Iida's mouth fell open and he stared at Nakajima grimly.
  13. "Are you out of your mind?"
  14. "Which is funny, I wonder.
  15. Teacher, please look at this.
  16. This scar on my lip, this bruise on my face.
  17. Kondo from the karate club did it to me.
  18. Kyoko Takamizawa was also there.
  19. The school let mad dogs like them run wild and don't take any measures to deal with them.
  20. No matter what I went through in the classroom, the teachers and students pretended not to know.
  21. The fact of assault is obvious, yet no action is taken.
  22. The teachers are probably waiting for those guys to graduate.
  23. As long as you keep your eyes closed, the calamity will pass away naturally.
  24. Just two, it's three years of patience.
  25. But my high school life is only now.
  26. I won't let them do what they want any more.
  27. I'm going to summon the devil and execute those worms."
  28. Nakajima's shoulders were rising and falling as he breathed heavily, as if he had become excited as he talked.