My Macross Menagerie

Showing off my moderate collection of Macross memorabilia.

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+ S.D.F.M. 1-3 Betamax

+ S.D.F.M. Cassette 1 & 2

+ S.D.F.M. Famicom Game

+ Macross Plus VHS

+ S.D.F.M. Song Collection

+ VF-X / VF-X2

+ Macross Ace Frontier

+ Macross Ultimate Frontier

+ Macross F: UMD Movie

+ Bootleg Poker Deck

+ Help me find my grail!

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S.D.F.M. Episode 1-3: Boobytrap, Betamax

ブービー トラップ

[1982] This is a theatrical retelling of episodes 1-3 of SDF Macross (NOT the movie Macross DYRL!) brought to you by the infamous Harmony Gold. Pre-Robotech era!

There is very little info regarding this version, even after extensive research. Definitely one of my rarer items.


The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Cassette 1 & 2

超時空要塞マクロス; Vol. II

[1982] The golden oldies of my collection, two original cassettes from Victor Entertainment, Inc. Alternate pressings of the vinyls of the same name.

Whopping 45 tracks of 80's J-Pop and orchestral goodness from the original SDF Macross TV show.

Volume 1 Info
Volume 2 Info

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, Famicom Game


[1985] A sidescrolling shooter for the original Nintendo Famicom (Japanese version of the NES). It's actually pretty fun and challenging, especially for my massive hands on the tiny Famicom controllers.

Info from the Macross Fandom Wiki

Macross Plus VHS 1&2


[1994] One of my favorite items in my collection, the VHS version of Macross Plus. Japanese with English subs, as is tradition.

Not much to say here, just that if you haven't seen Macross Plus, you are severely missing out. Just go watch it, man. You'll thank me later.

MyAnimeList entry for Macross Plus

S.D.F. Macross Song Collection (SonMay Records Version)

超時空要塞マクロス ソングコレクション

[1994] So this is an odd one. This is a repress of the Victor Entertainment, Inc. album of the same name [1993], done by a record label called SonMay Records, Ltd.

After doing some research, I found many releases by SM Records dating back from 1987, so they seem like a legit label. However, further investigation finds that this version of the album is considered a bootleg of the original. Not sure which side of the fence I'm on on this, to be honest.

All in all, it is an absolutely fantastic album, especially if you've developed a taste for 2017 city pop.

Info from VGMDB regarding this specific album (SM-215)
Info regarding the "proper" Victor version (VICL-5210)

Macross Digital Mission VF-X

マクロス デジタルミッション ブイエフエックス


Macross Digital Mission VF-X2

マクロス VF-X2

[1997/1999] These are two games that I briefly played ROMs of on my computer and knew I had to get ASAP. Since I bought them, have I played them? No. But... I will eventually(TM), I promise!

They take place in their own timelines after Macross 7 and Macross Plus, respectively. VF-X2 is notable for having story elements carry over into Macross F.

VF-X info from Macross Fandom Wiki
VF-X2 info from Macross Fandom Wiki

Macross Ace Frontier (+ Guidebook)


[2008] Got this one recently (as of writing, March 2022), so I have yet to actually play it. To my knowledge, however, it is a game where you play as many different pilots in various scenarios based off different Macross timelines.

Gameplay is said to be like the Gundam Battle series and features pilots and scenarios from SDF Macross, Macross Plus, Macross 7, and Macross Frontier.

I also have an unopened guidebook, in Japanese of course, that I plan to utilize when I finally play the game. I may also upload pagescans later.

More info at the Macross Fandom Wiki

Macross Ultimate Frontier Chou Jikuu Nyan-Nyan Pack

マクロス アルティメット フロンティア チョウ ジクウ ニャンニャン

[2009] Usually abbreviated as MUF. Another game I got recently (March 2022) so I have yet to play. A direct sequel to Macross Ace Frontier, the game adds even more characters and scenarios to play through.

Gameplay is said to be similar to the previous title, with new characters from Macross II (blegh) and Macross Dynamite 7.

The version I have, the Chou Jikuu Nyan-Nyan (Super Space Daughters) Pack, is a collectible version to commemorate the upcoming Macross F movie. It includes a UMD with bonus features and director's commentary.

More info at the Macross Fandom Wiki

Macross Frontier: The Movie ~Itsuwari no Utahime~: UMD Version

劇場版 マクロスF 虚空歌姫 ~イツワリノウタヒメ~

[2011] A PSP UMD version of the first Macross Frontier movie, plus a second disc filled with bonus features. Also comes with a few film cels from the movie, which is neat.

Originally part of a box set (that I do not have) with the PSP game Macross Triangle Frontier. I'm not too upset though, I managed to get this off for about 500 yen, so like 5 bucks. I'd say that's worth it.

More info at the Macross Compendium

Bootleg Macross Poker Deck

Truthfully, I knew these were bootleg when I bought them. I just couldn't resist after seeing the art on the cards. Frankly, they're beautiful and varied and I love them.

I plan on scanning them properly just for the sake of keeping their art.

Macrossworld forum post discussing the cards.

WANTED: Arcadia version of SDF Macross! (Grail)

Holy shit is this game hard to find. Released for the Bandai (vice Emerson) Arcadia console exclusively in Japan in 1983, it is the very first licensed Macross game.

The Bandai Arcadia is hard enough to find already, but this specific game takes the cake. So, I am proclaiming this game to be my grail. If anybody has any information, please contact me on twitter: @Kryptonaut .

Macross Fandom Wiki entry about Arcadia version